Venue & Staff

We are very pleased to announce that we have a new venue for 2018 – the MCM Elegante Hotel. The thing that makes our venue special is as follows:


This location makes it possible for us to have suites for EVERY game, a central mustering location, and pool access for guests if you want to take a break from games. We started with individual rooms in 2015 and we have carried it through 2016. It made every game even better and it is a priority for us now and going forward. The hotel will take beds out of the rooms to allow for a comfortable gaming space with large tables. The rooms are suites with adjoining French doors.  

There are good food options immediately around the convention: The Range Cafe (a local favorite), Little Anita’s New Mexican Food, Village Inn, and many more within a short drive. 

We’ll update this page with information about getting a room soon!

2017 Staff

Over the past few years New MexiCon has recruited an amazing team of folks willing to dedicate their time and energy to making sure this convention happens. Listed below are some of our core staff, but there are tons of other awesome Burqueños helping behind the scenes, too.

NHNick Hopkins is an honorary New Mexican and New MexiCon Con Chair. He was born in Illinois but moved here just before starting second grade. He started playing AD&D in 4th grade, moving on to Top Secret and Marvel FASERIP and finally (gasp) Rifts in high school. He had a large amount of time away from games but rediscovered them in 2010 where he played a two year campaign of Call of Cthulhu. He found indie games in 2011 and has been reading game books steadily ever since. New MexiCon is one of the ways he shares his love of roleplaying games with people.

KFKatherine Fackrell is the proud recipient of the first IndieSomnia Award, granted at New MexiCon 2014 for playing too many games and not sleeping. She manages the New MexiCon website and is definitely not a vampire.

DKDerrick Kapchinsky is the Community Manager for New MexiCon and Director of Operations for Magpie Games. In addition to his operational and financial duties at Magpie, he is also a developmental editor, proofer, and indexer. His indices have appeared in games such as Epyllion, Masks: A New Generation, and 7th Sea: Second Edition. He also likes cats. He, in fact, likes cats more than he likes people.

MDTMark Diaz Truman is an independent game developer, co-owner of Magpie Games (, and the New MexiCon Master of Coin. Mark has authored/co-authored three indie RPGs—The Play’s the Thing, Our Last Best Hope, and the ENnie award winning Urban Shadows—and serves as Editor in Chief of The Fate Codex and Project Manager for 7th Sea: Second Edition. Mark is passionate about creating an inclusive and diverse gaming community and is thrilled to support New MexiCon’s third year!

JRoJustin Rogers is excited to work as the Program Manager for this year’s New MexiCon and implement the OwlHeart mustering system that he co-created. He had an uncommon introduction to RPGs — Justin’s played at least a dozen different unpublished Powered by the Apocalypse and Fate games, but doesn’t really have any idea what a Pathfinder is. Despite (or because of) this, he does some freelance editing and wrote a piece for the Halcyon City Herald supplement to Magpie Games’ Masks.

MK&MBMarissa Kelly (MK) and Matt Bohnhoff are handling Front of House for New MexiCon. Marissa is the co-founder of Magpie Games, author of Epyllion, and co-author of Bluebeard’s Bride. In addition to her design work, Marissa is senior art director for John Wick Presents (7th Sea). Matt does a bunch of awesome stuff, but he is a mysterious man who would rather not comment at this time.

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