About NewMexiCon



NewMexiCon is New Mexico’s only small press indie RPG convention. Please join us and explore all the wonderful games our hobby has to offer! It runs from Friday evening to Sunday morning. Stay tuned for information about dates and venue for New MexiCon 2018!



We will announce the launch of our New MexiCon 2018 Kickstarter here!

If you miss out on the Kickstarter, you will be able to preregister on our registration page. $45 gets you a badge for a full weekend of gaming!

Badges will also be available at the door for $50 for the full weekend.

How Do I Sign Up For Games?

There is no game schedule or preregistration required! New MexiCon will have Game Masters ready to run, live game pitches to begin each session, and a hearts and stars mustering system to adjudicate priority. See our games page for more details.


Let’s stay connected and make the New MexiCon community grow! Say hello, start games, and make friends. :)

Check out our G+ community!


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