About NewMexiCon

New Mexicon 2018

A weekend of gaming in Albuquerque: April 20th – 22nd, 2018. Join us in 2018 for our best convention yet!

  • Thursday Pre-con Party: 7pm (free w/ $60+ Kickstarter Pledge) |
  • Friday | 8pm-Midnight |
  • Saturday | 9am-1pm | Lunch | 2pm-6pm | Dinner | 8pm-Midnight | 
  • Sunday | 9am-1pm | Post-Con BBQ: 3pm (Tickets Available) |

We have a new venue this year – the MCM Elegante Hotel located at 2020 Menaul Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87107.


Our 2018 Kickstarter is live!

Pledge to our Kickstarter and join us in April for our best convention yet! If you miss out on the Kickstarter, you will be able to register at the door, but you’ll miss out on preregistration and other backer-only goodies.

How Do I Sign Up For Games?

There is no game schedule or preregistration required! New MexiCon will have Game Masters ready to run, live game pitches to begin each session, and a hearts and stars mustering system to adjudicate priority. See our games page for more details.

Our convention Mission

Why are we putting on a Con? We want people playing games. We want people to play more games. We want people playing different games. Providing a welcoming space where this can happen is our goal for New MexiCon. Expanding circles and getting out to play with other gamers will create experiences at the table you won’t be able to get just playing with friends. Fostering local and regional communities to broaden our appreciation of this hobby that we all love will give us access to more people to play games and share ideas with. Everybody wins!

stay in touchLet’s stay connected and make the New MexiCon community grow! Say hello, start games, and make friends. :)

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