maidis-vertical-striped-hot-air-balloons-2-2400pxNewMexiCon began with the desire to host an Indie Games onDemand style event in New Mexico. Upon realization that there were a surprising number of New Mexicans playing and running games at the Origins 2014 Indie Games on Demand event, they banded together in an effort to run one closer to home. And so, with support from Magpie Games, and a group of enthusiastic volunteers, they did.


NewMexiCon 2014: The first NewMexiCon was held on October 24-26 at the Hotel Blue in Albuquerque NM. There were 38 registrations. During peak activity on Friday and Saturday night, there were six tables of games running. Many game designers, both local and visiting, were playing and running games: Paul Czege, Nathan Paoletta, Mark Diaz-Truman, Sage LaTorra, Phil Lewis. Internet personality Jason Corley was also in attendance.

Games run: World Wide Wrestling, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mouseguard, 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars, Dogs in the Vineyards, Epyllion, Marvel Heroic, Wrath of the Autarch, Into the Odd, The Clay that Woke, Primetime Adventures, Project: Dark, Kagematsu, Monsterhearts, Urban Shadows, Fate Core, Swords Without Master, By the Book

The first “IndieSomnia” award for ignoring sleep and playing too many games went to Katherine Fackrell. She played in all of the regular five sessions plus two after hours games! Although no award was actually given at the convention, the achievement is recognized and honored here.


New MexiCon 2015: Heading into our second year we decided to change venue. The Hotel Blue was, well, interesting but it didn’t seem to really showcase the parts of Albuquerque that we had hoped!  We looked around and found a really cool place, the Hotel Parq Central.  The venue, while beautiful, was not ideal for our purposes. The tables were too small and, unfortunately, it was a bit beyond our means. The idea and the feeling of New MexiCon were exactly what we wanted, but we had yet to find a place to settle.  

Games Run: Black Sun Death Crawl, a Fate version of Star Wars, Tenro Bansho Zero, Sagas of the Icelanders, Primetime adventures, Mouse Guard, World of Dew, Swords Without Master and a huge number of others.

The games were amazing and the people were incredible.  We are looking forward to next year already!


New MexiCon 2016: Drawing people from several different states, we had a great time playing a dizzying number of games. Each game run had its own room to play in. The beds were removed so there was plenty of space to play.  Our venue worked so well that we decided to bring our Con back here next year.

Click here to view the Kickstarter for New MexiCon 2016!

Games Run: The Zantabulous Zorcerer of Zo, 7th Sea (2nd edition), Hellas, Best Friends, Swords Without Master, Fantasy Friends, Zombie World, Urban Shadows, Prime Time Adventures, Masks, a Fate version of Brave New World, Epyllion, Bluebeard’s Bride, Phoenix Dawn Command, and All Outta Bubblegum. There were more than that we just didn’t get them all written down!

This year, Charlie Main claimed the IndieSomnia award, for playing games not only after official con hours, but before the con even started!

With an earlier announcement date we are hopeful that all the great people we had out for 2016 will be able to make it back in April 2017!


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