There are five time slots when games run:

FRIDAY 8pm-Midnight
SATURDAY 9am-1pm Lunch 2pm-6pm Dinner 8pm-Midnight
SUNDAY 9am-1pm

New MexiCon will have a number of time slots over the course of the convention. During each time slot, GMs will offer games they wish to run, and these will fill up as interest demands.

There’s some structure – but it also requires everyone to be a little flexible. Sometimes GMs won’t have enough people for the game they were thinking of running, or there will be more people who want to GM than people who want to play, and they will instead play a game. Sometimes you might be the only one who wants to play a particular game, and so you’ll have to compromise or wait until a different time slot.

The great part is that this is an opportunity to play a wide variety of games, sometimes run by the designers themselves, and meet other like-minded gamers in a more intimate forum!


We’re big into small press tabletop RPGs! Some examples of the sorts of games we’ll showcase are Dresden Files, Fiasco,  Masks, Mouseguard, and Swords Without Master. Many of the games are derived from Apocalypse World, Fate Core, and Cortex+.

While we love and play games published by the big houses like Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, White Wolf, Fantasy Flight, and Palladium, this con is to focus on games people might not otherwise be exposed to.

I want to play a game!

Just show up! 10-15 minutes before each game slot starts, we gather everyone together for mustering! Mustering is a fun way to pitch your game or find a game to play on the fly! To kick things off, all people running games will pitch their game to the con. Next, players choose the games they want to be in. A symbol on your badge will help determine priority and resolve ties. The result? We get a large number of people playing really awesome games!

If you want to sign up to run a game or play a game before the convention, we have you covered! After the close of the Kickstarter, there will be a selection of games available for backers only to preregister for online.  More information will follow in our Kickstarter’s Backer Updates.

Who is GMing and what are they running?

Kickstarter backers will receive information about limited pre-registration after the New MexiCon 2018 Kickstarter closes. We also have a G+ Community where people discuss what games they’re bringing and are excited to run.


If you are a Kickstarter backer and would like to GM, we will have more information for how to sign up to run scheduled games after the New MexiCon 2018 Kickstarter closes.

Pre-scheduling not your jam? Just show up with the game you want to run and a quick (1-2 minute) description of the game ready to pitch to the rest of the convention.

2 thoughts on “Games”

  1. I’m happy to GM. I’ve run Games on Demand here at Strategicon (Los Angeles) two cons running. I’ve got a game bag of stuff.

    I’ll bring a larger Lego-based Fallout Shelter PbtA hack I made, that I’m willing to run once. Otherwise I’ve got a bag full of PbtA (Warren, Dungeon World, WWW, Legend of the Elements), Microscope, The Quiet Year (with Lego), The Skeletons (in Space, with Lego), Fall of magic, Forget-Me-Not, Protocol and Praxis games, etc.

  2. I know it’s a bit short notice, but I’d like to put in to run some games if I can. Everyone is John, Inspectres, Soth and possibly more

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